gltools is library for quickly creating OpenGL based application in Python/Cython with support for:

  • Access to vertex buffers and GLSL shaders
  • Access to truetype fonts
  • Windows handling through GLFW
  • Simple GUI controls

OpenGL version 2.1 is targeted which should be available in most computers these days, even in a laptop’s integrated graphics.

The license is GPL v2.


  • Python 2.7/3.x and Cython 0.17 or later.
  • The geotools library.
  • GLFW v3.0 (not released, must be build from GIT repo)
  • OpenGL headers

Prebuild installers are available on the pypi site for the Windows platform.

For Linux build scripts are available for ArchLinux in the AUR repository. These could be adapted to other Linux distros.

Note that currently I can not find a way to install the required Cython ‘pxd’ files with distutils and this file has to be copied manually.


  • v0.1.1 : Added missing files and fix building against GLFW3 trunk.

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