geotools is a small collection of geometrical classes and functions accessable from both Python and Cython.

  • Point, Vector & Planes
  • Bounding box
  • Transformations
  • A camera class

The license is GPL v2.


  • Python 2.7/3.x or later and Cython 0.17 or later.

Note that currently I can not find a way to install the required Cython ‘pxd’ files with distutils and this file has to be copied manually.

Prebuild installers are available on the pypi site for the Windows platform.

For Linux build scripts are available for ArchLinux in the AUR repository. These could be adapted to other Linux distros.

Note that currently to be able to build the module on Python 3.x the source must be patched. The ‘__div__’ member must be renamed to ‘__truediv__’ and similar for ‘__idiv__’.

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